Pump And Motor In New York

If you have pipes that burst in your basement, call us to install new pipes.

Building superintendents are big customers of ours because we have all the equipment they need.

When your pumps need maintenance and repair, it is best to have them done by qualified pump mechanics.

We repair and service over 30 brands of pumps that are used in New York City buildings.

Building superintendents are big customers of ours because we have all the equipment they need.

You will need to have sump pumps in your basement if you live in a low lying area of the city.

When your duct fan stops working, we are the company to call to have it repaired.

We have centrifugal water pumps, booster pumps, and battery operated sump pumps, so we should be able to fulfill your business needs.

Commercial building pumps are made of a different grade of material that is much stronger than residential pumps.

If you manage a number of big buildings in the city, you should keep our number on your speed dial to call when you need sump pumps.

When you need a great deal on replacement parts for several sump pumps for your apartment buildings, give us a call.

03/08/17 11:50:44 AM

If you are in an area with a large amount of drainage, be sure to have your sump pump checked regularly because the more often it runs, the more often it should be checked. You may need a battery backup sump pump for your business, and we can supply it for you.

03/07/17 07:25:46 AM

We are experts at keeping this city going because we fix all the submersible pumps.

03/05/17 09:24:27 PM

Building superintendents come to us when they have exhaust fans and ejector pumps go out.

03/04/17 02:40:10 AM

If you know the serial number of the part you need for the motor that's broken, let us know and we'll order it for you.

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